Your marketing team is essential to your brands’ success. Whether you are managing a small business with only a few team members, or a large agency in need of reliable and professional guidance in terms of SEO and marketing strategies, you can benefit from obtaining professional consulting from D4J.

As a Google Regional Trainer, Dewaldt Huysamen has a solid background in consulting and working with various agencies to help them save money and improve their SEO and marketing techniques significantly. He also actively trains other agencies on the latest Internet Marketing trends as well as Google’s products and services. This means that you can learn from the best and learn the skills you need to offer your clients a superior Internet Marketing solution.

Dewaldt provides consulting for any team, large or small, to help them save money by having a professional consultant work with their team for a specific time period. This will help to guide your marketing team in the right direction, while teaching them all the latest and greatest internet marketing guidelines and tools to use.

Affordable Consulting Solutions

As a business owner or marketing executive, you know just how valuable the assistance of a professional internet marketing consultant can be. You might have existing SEO and marketing practices in place but they are not necessarily updated or even effective, which is why an internet marketing consultant can be of great benefit to you and your marketing team.

Having a consultant sit in with your marketing team can be cost effective too, as you will benefit from their skills and experiences while streamlining your business.

We provide the following services:

Agency Consulting

If you are an internet marketing agency, we can work with you to provide consulting services for your entire marketing team. Benefit from Dewaldt’s experience and expert knowledge in terms of SEO, to boost results for your clients.
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