A Google Regional Trainer

A Google Regional Trainer

As the CEO of D4J, Dewaldt Huysamen is a Google Regional Trainer and this means that he is always on top of the latest developments when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as Google’s best practices in terms of search engine marketing.

Working with D4J means that you will get the best advice for your SEO efforts and expert guidance when it comes to lead generation and optimising your website for search engines. We will help you to establish an online presence, generate new leads for your business and become a significant player in your particular industry.

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About Dewaldt Huysamen

Google has chosen me as a Google regional trainer to teach other Google Partner agencies on best practices when it comes to Google AdWords and Google Analytics and inter agency operations.

Dewaldt is a success driven individual who specialises in Web Design, SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing, CRO, Paid Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Marketing, CMS and web development. He also has more than 16 years’ experience when it comes to the Internet service industry, as well as 6 years’ experience in Google Marketing, Internet Marketing and Paid Marketing.

He is the CEO and founder of D4J and manages a small team that delivers great results. So what’s the key to our success? “I believe that the key to our success is that we do not take on too many clients at one time, coupled with the fact that we have many years’ experience in the online marketing industry”.