Link Clean-Up

Link Clean-Up

Part of your SEO strategy should be to keep track of any bad or broken links, as well as links that are not benefitting your website at all. Link clean-up is an essential part of maintaining your website and we take care of all your links, to ensure that only the best backlinks are maintained to benefit your business.

If unnatural, low quality links are found in your website's backlink profile, it can become quite destructive in terms of your rankings, which is why they should be regularly monitored and removed when necessary. As a marketer you might not have the time or the expertise to take care of your website’s backlink profile, which is why you can benefit from our professional link clean-up services.

Link Clean-Up from D4J

We will detect and analyse your incoming links and determine which ones should be marked for clean-up. We will also remove any links that might be harmful to your site and submit reconsideration requests to search engines to help restore your rankings.

We help to get your website’s backlinks cleaned up.

Classifying bad or unnatural link is where expertise is needed. We know how to identify links that are bad for your business and we will work to remove those links so that your website is no longer penalized. We can also work with you to increase your link building efforts to help build good, quality links to your site.

For more information on our link clean-up services and how it can benefit your business and your marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to get in touch.